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About Our Amazing work

Coimbatore Smart city will have an integrated plan which paves way to connect and develop the ecosystem across the eight lakes. Apart from the above mentioned, the lakes will also be revived with parks, open public spaces, botanical garden and open zoological parks, which pose as an added attraction. The water quality of the lake will be monitored continuously with proper mounted floats with WIFI connectivity. All the lakes will be studied for its bio-diversity. Apart from that, protected exclusive paths will be constructed for the purpose of walking and jogging and cycling with sky walks over roads will also be developed. Pertinently developed sewage plants will be set to have an eye on all the natural trains carrying sewage. In addition, smart city will have smart streetlights powered with solar technology sensors making every junction and streets more efficient for public transport thereby creating smart traffic and bye-bye congestion across the Coimbatore city. Complex functions will have facilities like proper seating arrangements, footpath, cycle lane footpath, lighting, bus bay, passengers shed, drinking water, sign symbol, bike parking and ramp for the disabled. Creating an extensive atmosphere for the pedestrians and efficient CCTV surveillance to support traffic network will be an added benefit which will be witnessed in the Coimbatore Smart City.